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>> Top 20 reasons you should go with us!

You are concerned the information given to you a year ago may have changed.
Your underwriting department needs to know if the insured is successful or going out of business.
You are concerned your company receives the proper premium for the risk.
You need to validate your agents presentation of risk.
You need to be properly prepared to rate the renewal.
You need to make sure your insured business has the proper premium basis.
You are concerned with meeting your statutory auditing requirements.
Your focus is controlling your auditing costs by partnering with a vendor, not just using one.
You need eyes and ears in the field to determine any potentially unforeseen risk or market condition.
You need a partner you can call with last minute changes or requests.
You need a partner your insured and agent trust and with whom they feel comfortable speaking.
Your chosen vendor needs to be current on all auditing rules and procedures.
You need current, state of the art, systems that can easily adapt to your specific requirements.
You need the requested product delivered on time every time.
You are concerned your chosen vendor has all of the applicable insurance coverage in place.
You need a partner with a long history and a reputation for excellence.
You need a partner that portrays the image you have spent so much time developing within the industry.
Credentials and integrity as well as professionalism are of the utmost importance to you.
Ease of use and common sense understandability are important.
You need a business partner that listens.

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