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Millennium Insurance Solutions provides services that are vital to the insurance industry's risk management activities. In our 10 years of operation, our integrity and consistency have allowed us to provide a variety of different insurance services:

>> Premium Audits
Millennium Insurance Solutions' premium audit helps our customers to ensure that the proper premium is being charged for the exposure. This Audit ultimately in the best interests of insurance organizations and their clients.

>> We provide four main types of audits:

Physical Premium Audits
Telephone Premium Audits
Mail Premium Audits
Hybrid Audits

During the audit Millennium Insurance Solutions will generate a report that:
Determine accurate classifications of exposure -

• Analyses the operation for proper classification of the insured.
• Properly communicates state rules and regulations
• Advises on procedures, reporting and coding to reduce audit risks

Business Income/Extra Expense Analysis 
Formerly defined as business interruption, this service aids underwriting by giving clients a better understanding of their needs relative to this specialized – and often confusing – line of insurance. At a time when the world is full of natural catastrophes and unforeseen dangers, this line of service is quickly becoming a major way for companies to reduce E&O exposure on business income losses.
>> Financial Analysis
Our specialists conduct financial reviews on behalf of underwriters and producers to assist them in developing a clearer understanding of a client's or prospective client's financial standing. This service is most extensively used in evaluating a new business to verify if it meets the carriers underwriting guidelines.
>> Education Services
Our experienced staff provides regular premium audit training courses and services for underwriters and agents to ensure all possible objectives and processes of premium audits are understood. These courses are approved by the State of Georgia for continuing education credits which are needed to maintain licenses and acquire the highest levels of skill and relevant knowledge.



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