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>> Why Should You Use Us?
At Millennium Insurance Solutions we strive to work with your insureds and staff to consider all aspects of the account's environment, financials, books and records while staying up-to-date on industry guidelines and regulations to ensure an accurate and individualized evaluation.

We're proud of our ability to deliver a high level of personal attention and maximum results to our customers. At Millennium, our staff focuses on delivering accurate and timely information to you the client.

>> Our Quality Assurance Process
Each account is assigned to an experienced Account Manager. This Account Manager performs quality assurance reviews of each audit through a series of manual checks and data controls to ensure completeness, accuracy and compliance.  

This level of organizational experience and control enables Millennium Insurance Solutions to provide unparalleled service to insurance organizations and their clients.

>> Rules, Regulations and Standards
Every single Millennium employee understands the important role our services play in the world of insurance and risk management economics. All Millennium employees are continuously trained on rules, regulations and standards through industry groups such as the Premium Audit Advisory Service (PAAS). 
Because of our dedication to delivering high-quality premium audits, Millennium Insurance Solutions thoroughly examines multiple aspects and metrics of the insured business, including accounting records, payroll and sales data.
Our goal is to make certain that for each audit we perform, the proper classification structure and exposure allocation for each applicable class code is firmly established. We use the policy copy/assignment provided as a guide, audit the risk, and write a comparison analysis as part of our comprehensive audit report.

>> Your Audit Report
After Millennium Insurance Solutions completes your audit, you will receive a report that:
• Determines the accurate classification of exposures
• Explains recordkeeping requirements to reduce expenses
• Properly communicates state rules and regulations
• Advises on procedures, reporting and coding to reduce audit risks



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