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>> Our Mission Statement
Millennium Insurance Solutions seeks to be the leading provider of outsourced insurance services by focusing on thorough analysis, rigorous ethical standards, personalized customer service and quality products that meet the highest standards for premium audit services.

>> Our Story
Millennium Insurance Solutions was founded in 2000 by George Jones and Chyrl Martin in response to the need for quality premium audit services in the Southeastern U.S. and U.S. Virgin Islands.

In 2007, Millennium Insurance Solutions was selected by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the 500 Fastest Growing Businesses in America. With more than 46 years of combined insurance industry and premium auditing experience, Jones and Martin understand the complexity, difficulty and expenses involved in running a business. That depth of experience in the insurance industry doesn't end with the Millennium's principals – the firm's staff auditors have an average of 24 years of premium auditing experience.

At a time when more and more audit firms are churning a high volume of business at the lowest cost possible, Millennium delivers comprehensive and detail-oriented audit services and does so with the highest levels of ethics and customer service.
Jones and Martin attribute the company's success to Millennium's ability to provide real value to clients. That mission can only be fulfilled by the firm's emphasis on producing quality work, being the best in customer service, having faith in each other, treating every client with respect and consideration, and an emphasis on delivering finished products in a timely manner.
>> Our Service Area
Millennium Insurance Solutions provides services to a broad area with an emphasis on the Southeastern States and U.S. Virgin Islands. Our company can also serve other states by either developing satellite offices where needed or by partnering with other premium audit service companies.

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